Used by: Moto-GP, motorcycle sports and police.

Motorcycle air-bag systems are used all around the world. From 2018, it has been compulsory for all Moto-GP riders to have suits fitted with airbag systems. All french police motorcycle riders are required to wear air-bag systems.


Should be mandatory to wear, saved me from serious injury earlier this year. 5*.

Aston Hawkins UK

Vest exactly as described. I am sure it could save your life during an accident. I recommend it entirely for the price.

Geraint Partridge USA

Can you put a price on your life? 

Börje Lundquist SWEDEN

Wont get onto my bike without it. 

Kayleigh Hutton UK

I bought this after having a t-bone collision, I am convinced that it would have reduced my injuries significantly.

Jean-Loup Mazet FRANCE