Once the airbag has been deployed, can the vest be reused?

Yes, if the vest is undamaged, simply replace the CO2 cylinder. However, if any visible damage to the airbag has occurred, please do not reuse the vest as the airbag integrity cannot be assured.


Are the vest's waterproof?

The vests are designed to be rainproof, however being immersed in water is not advised. To clean, we suggest wiping the vests with warm water with soap or washing detergent added.


Have the vest’s saved lives?

Unquestionably. We have had many previous customers leave reviews/email us explaining how they believe our vests have protected them from serious injury or worse.


Do the vest provide any protection other than the airbag?

The vests also have a removable 3D body armour insert on the back, to protect your spine in the occurrence of an accident.  


What causes the Airbag to be deployed?

The vests have a telescopic line that attaches to your motorcycle. The line is connected to a ball valve inbuilt in the vest which can rotate in any direction. When 294 newton metres of tension is applied the airbag will eject.


 Can the vest be worn with a backpack?

Definitely, however please wear the backpack straps loosely as to not impair the airbag release.


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